Sound absorbing

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    High sound absorption at a low cost

    White polyester fibreboard in Euroclass B, s2-d0 with excellent sound-absorbing properties, designed for the visual treatment of particularly noisy and reverberating places such as bars, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, schools, conservatories, and public places in general. The surfaces have been treated with a special stretching and smoothing process to make them even more aesthetically pleasing and to prevent the deposit of dirt and dust.

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    Sound absorbing resonant

    Suitepad is a 40 mm thick single-material sound-absorbing panel of variable density. It is made up of a 100% recycled polyester fibre core and a coloured fabric covering on the visible flat side. The back of the panel is black and features a distinctive shell shape whose maximum thickness coincides with the panel’s centre of gravity. The perimeter comes with a rigid edging to support applications inside metal false ceilings.

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