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    Exceptional noise reduction in plasterboard walls

    Thermal and acoustic panel made up of a polyester fibre panel coupled with a elastomeric membrane for a total thickness of 50 mm. The product provides excellent soundproofing between plasterboard walls and false walls, but it can also be used for acoustic reclamation of industrial roofs. Correct installation is guaranteed by sealing the joints with Rotocell AD adhesive strip.

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    One product, infinite applications

    Product consisting of a plasterboard sheet bonded to a soundproofing damping layer made up of a mixture of recycled synthetic rubbers. The panel can be applied to a metal grid or, in some cases, it can be glued directly to the vertical surface using a specific adhesive glue. The soundproofing capabilities of the product are so high that it can also be applied to uninsulated walls. To optimise the acoustics, the system can be placed on top of another plasterboard sheet covered with staggered joints.

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    Extreme efficiency in a very small space

    Product consisting of a plasterboard sheet bonded to a soundproofing layer made of chemically cross-linked polyethylene with a density of 35 kg/m3. The coupling between the high density sheet and the anti-vibration membrane with high insulating capability makes the material perfect for applications directly in wall cladding. The product must be installed using mechanical fixings and it is advisable to close the system by means of an additional plasterboard sheet laid at staggered joints with respect to the product.

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    Thermal-acoustic sheet

    Product consisting of a plasterboard sheet bonded to a soundproofing layer made of a 20 mm thick polyester fibre panel. The one-of-a-kind material has excellent thermal and acoustic performances and can be installed by gluing.

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    Exceptional sound-absorbing and soundproofing qualities

    Panel consisting of two 20 mm thick polyester fibre sheets with a 2 mm thick (4 kg/m2) sound-deadening membrane inside. It is ideal for sound-absorbing and soundproofing treatments, such as workstation partitions or motorway barriers.

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    Eco-recycled insulation

    Eco-friendly sound-absorbing panel, Euroclass B, s2-d0 consisting of polyester fibres thermally bonded together without adhesives. Thanks to its qualities, the panel perfectly replaces mineral wool in many applications. It is suitable for plasterboard walls and false walls.

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  • SUPREMA 3.5

    Supreme in all fields of application

    Multilayer technical membrane obtained by co-extrusion of elastomeric polymer bitumen-based compounds. The product is covered with a non-woven textured polypropylene sheet, but what sets it apart is the special aluminium mesh coupled with a reinforced glass film inside the thickness of the membranes.

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    Double insulation, from water and noise penetration

    Soundproofing panel with mass-spring-mass effect, consisting of a sandwich of two 4 kg/m2 elastomeric membranes with a 5 mm thick chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam in between. It is applied with normal wide-headed plastic plugs and the joints are sealed with Rotocell AD. The product can also be used for the sound insulation of ventilated roofs, inhabited attics and for the sound insulation of wooden floors under technical installations.

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